Challenge given to us:

When we took over Asda’s Pulse of the Nation community in 2018, it had been running for 7 years, and was already embedded as an important tool for the Asda Insight Team but was limited in the scope of methodologies that could be used.

Whilst there was good awareness of it as a tool internally, it tended to be pigeon-holed as a tool for running quick quantitative surveys.

The Asda team wanted to develop Pulse of the Nation to provide faster feedback on time critical topics (within 24 hours, when needed) and to offer a wider range of qual and quant tools, including the ability to capture ‘in the moment’ customer feedback. In addition they wanted to better bring customers to life for stakeholders and provide a more rich and engaging experience for members.

It was critical that the tool provided ROI and as part of this, Asda wanted the community to work as an insight tool for suppliers and agency partners, as well as Asda stakeholders.

Overall impact

ResearchBods decisions

Go-to place for innovation trials and initiatives across Asda

ResearchBods increase

Contributed to full year profit increase of 9.2% in the year of launch

ResearchBods spend

Significantly reduced ad hoc research spend and increased agility

ResearchBods time

Ability to deliver 1000+ survey completes within 24 hours

Our solution.

The re-launched Pulse of the Nation has become known within Asda for offering fast access to customer opinions, providing an instant ‘temperature check’ on customer mindset around topics such as the proposed merger with Sainsbury’s, as well as deep insight on both strategic and tactical topics.

We work directly with internal stakeholders from Marketing to Corporate Governance, as well as Asda’s agency partners and Insight Team. Pulse of the Nation has informed everything from the new Extra Special brand design to Asda’s CSR strategy for 2020 and beyond.

The ongoing, partnership nature of running a community for a brand means we’re able to join the dots between different projects and sources, to identify new insight – such as the opportunity for Asda’s new vegan, plant-based range.

A launch event at Asda House, and subsequent mini-launches, are just part of our ongoing programme to engage stakeholders and showcase the vast range of methodologies that the community offers.

ASDA ResearchBods clients

Asda is a business which embraces innovation, both in its offering and its approach to insight; this has enabled us to deliver insight using ground-breaking approaches, from ‘in the moment’ NPS scores and using eye-tracking and facial coding to improve engagement with brand communications, to a customer photo dashboard which has brought customer data to life for the Asda C-suite and placed deep ethnographic insight at the fingertips of Asda’s Insight team.

We can now link members’ purchasing behaviour at Asda with their responses, providing a truly holistic view of customer attitudes and behaviour, in line with our data-driven strategy to ‘ask less, understand more’.

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