Challenge given to us:

ITV, as the UK’s most loved commercial broadcaster, had a unique challenge in having a broad audience whilst needing to support their ad sales and programming teams with real, robust and believable human insight about viewers.

The community needed to allow ITV to delve deeper into 3 key areas – Brands, ITV Audiences and Young People – answering needs such as the impact of ITV advertising for brands, for the Commercial Team, or gaining an audience view to feed into idea development to the Commissioning team.

There was a desire to build a truly immersive environment within which viewers would want to stick around , with a particularly dynamic look & feel to attract and retain younger members.

Overall impact

ResearchBods increase

Supported a 36% growth in video-on-demand revenue

ResearchBods users

31% increase in online viewing of ITV Hub+ driven by rapid insight from the Village

ResearchBods laptop

Collaborative development of a market-leading toolkit for campaign effectiveness

Our solution.

Our community for ITV – The ITV Village – is home to over 10,000 members with coverage across viewers and non-viewers alike to ensure breadth and depth of access to the audiences that matter most to them.

Launched in 2016, the community is an integral tool for the ITV team, providing flexibility for ITV teams to deliver tasks direct to the audience in an agile manner, with insight and project support which they can tap into as needed. In 2019, Villagers took part in over 300 tasks.

Millennial viewers are a key audience demographic for growth for ITV, but one who can typically be hard to engage in online communities; they are the lightest viewers of linear TV but can also be difficult to keep engaged in research tasks. When designing the look & feel for the community, our in-house Creative Team created a ‘reactive’ set up for 16-24’s, which gives a local, dynamic feel to the community’s landing page by reflecting weather conditions wherever they are. We’re currently working to integrate WhatsApp as a direct channel of communication with younger Village members, enabling them to share ‘in the moment’ insights using a platform that’s already always at their fingertips.

ITV’s Commercial Team are thought leaders in the advertising space – insight gathered through the Village has allowed them to bring new thinking to their clients around purchase journeys and behaviour, mindset and advertising engagement and impact, all of which is hosted via the ITV Media website, providing insight access to up-to-date insights for Commercial partners.

Integration of ITV Hub viewing data into our community has allowed sampling for campaign effectiveness studies based on actual, not claimed, exposure to VOD ad campaigns, an approach which has now been used to evidence brand uplift across over 20 client campaigns delivered through the Hub.

ITV ResearchBods clients

The Village has supported new launches such as The Masked Singer and Planet Child and provided crucial insight for flagship shows such as I’m A Celebrity, Love Island and The X Factor (with ‘in the moment’ activities providing an instantaneous viewer reaction, as shows air).

Finally, The Village has been an important component of helping ITV to test its own marketing campaigns – assisting in the development of the ITV ident campaign, testing the language used around subscription video services, and developing social purpose campaigns like Eat Them To Defeat Them and Britain Get Talking.

ITV’s appetite for innovation has allowed us to collaboratively develop a market-leading toolkit to support audience understanding. This includes everything from implicit response techniques to facial coding, biometrics and passive data collection as well as and tried and trusted, traditional claimed methodologies such as dial tests and focus groups.

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