Challenge given to us:

The National Trust has nearly 6 million members, who make 22 million visits per year in addition to hundreds of millions of non-members who visit outdoor sites.

They had a good understanding of how visitors enjoy their visits, captured through visitor surveys, but wanted to understand how to inspire and engage visitors better, as well as how to engage their volunteer base to continually improve the on-site visitor experience.The National Trust’s core strategy is about playing its part, as a cause-driven conservation charity (involved in both heritage and nature) and the team at National Trust also wanted to know how best to communicate strategy messages to their audiences.

Overall impact

ResearchBods vision

Informed National Trust’s Strategic vision for 2025 and beyond. Inc stance on BREXIT

ResearchBods increase

Embedded 'Customer View' drove a growth in member numbers to an all time high of 5 million

ResearchBods spend

Record income growth of £47.7 million for the year the community was launched

Our solution.

Working with the Visitor Experience team, we launched Our Place, the National Trust’s community, with an initial focus on visitor experience.

Using the Maps tool within our platform, members are able to share details of planned days out, and complete tasks telling us about their expectations when planning, experiences during the day out and reflections on their day out, a few days after their visit, supported by ‘live’ photo and video content captured during the visit.

The volunteer section of the community, Volunteer Voice, home to nearly 1000 volunteers, is housed on the same platform, for easy management, but with the ability to keep volunteers and their feedback completely separate from members. Since its inception in 2016, the community has gone from strength to strength, with its remit expanding beyond the Visitor Experience team to provide insight and ROI for teams working across Membership and Retail. Insight from the community has guided everything

It’s a long term strategic aim for National Trust to widen engagement and exclusivity, ensuring appeal to a more diverse visitor group.

We’ve delivered numerous insights to support this objective, including understanding of what ‘feeling welcome’ means, identifying the practical actions the Trust can take to drive positive visitor experiences for less typical National Trust visitors.

National Trust ResearchBods clients

2019’s ambitious and innovative Noticing Nature project supported the Trust in rolling out Derby University’s award winning ‘pathway to nature connected-ness (named by Universities UK as one of the UK’s 100 best breakthroughs), which is proven to improve well-being and mental health, by driving interactions with nature.

We collected thousands of visitors’ photos of their interaction with nature, and using our AI driven video & photo insight platform (with integrated content recognition), were able to easily drill down into themes. The community has allowed the National Trust to be agile in its response to emerging issues – such as Brexit – as well as future-proofing the Trust’s strategic position and membership proposition. In 2020, a third site, bringing together Volunteer Managers, will be added to our community family for National Trust.

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