Challenge given to us:

Telefonica UK had an existing community but were looking for a more seamless and efficient solution to access O2 consumer and business customers and potential customers, as well as having a more direct line of feedback from staff.

Key to this was working in a more agile way to satisfy a wide range of research purposes and giving a voice to customers and staff, creating a closer, two-way relationship with the brand.

Overall impact

ResearchBods users

Insight from Trail Blazers contributes to market leading customer loyalty/churn levels

ResearchBods broadcast

Accelerated launch of revolutionary ‘custom plan’, 5G and new loyalty features within O2 Priority

ResearchBods spend

Enhanced customer-centricity making O2 the UK’s largest and driving revenue growth of 4% YOY

Our solution.

O2 Trail Blazers comprises 3 individual communities - for consumers, business customers and staff who work in stores and service roles for O2 – of nearly 3500 members, who sit within one platform, with a reactive look & feel that is tailored to each audience, providing an environment that’s both ‘on brand’ yet personalised.

O2’s new customer segmentation overlay onto member data will allow key target segments to be recruited and analysed at the push of a button. Transactional data, linked with members’ permission through their mobile number, means we can append behavioural data to claimed data captured through the community, giving a rich picture of customer usage and attitudes.

Trail Blazers provides a flexible solution for the Data, Insight & Analytics team at O2, allowing them to run ‘self serve’ projects with Trail Blazers, and seamlessly sample non-customers from our in-house panel, or commission full service projects through our dedicated Trail Blazers account team.

The community provides quick turnaround insights for stakeholders working across Brand, Futures & Customer Closeness, Category & Proposition and Customer Experience. As well as delivering agile insight for ad hoc projects, the community supports an ongoing customer listening and closeness programme, which provides seasonal and topical insights back to the business, and provides a source of recruitment for face-to-face research sessions to inform proposition development.

O2 ResearchBods clients

Socialising insights around the wider business is crucial to delivering ROI – regular infographics, designed by our in house Creative team, deliver key insights and actions back to the wider stakeholders within the business.

The communities have contributed strongly to O2’s recent growth and success – the network received a raft of awards in 2019, including Best Business Network, and continues to grow both revenue and loyalty. O2 Telefonica continues to be a leader in innovation and customer-centricity in the mobile sector, with initiatives such as Custom Plans, O2 Health Tariff and 5G developed and optimised through Trail Blazers.

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