Challenge given to us:

When YBS Group approached us in 2017, they had an existing community which enabled them to engage with members from across their suite of products, supporting their member engagement strategy and bringing to life the mutual ethos of the building society.

They wanted to refresh and update their approach to this community to ensure that it was aligned with current ambitions, direction and brand strategy, and to deliver a more holistic approach to insight, joining up tracker data with community insight. As a member-focused mutual, they were keen to improve member experience whilst still delivering fast and effective insight and to be able to gain an instant, ‘always on’ view of participation and engagement activities.

Whilst savers were well represented on the community, mortgage customers presented a key growth area but were underrepresented. New product development and advertising effectiveness testing were focus areas for YBS, but were run through an external panel – the desire was to bring this research within the community.

Overall impact

ResearchBods voice

Continually informs mortgage distribution strategy leading to record mortgage lending in 2018

ResearchBods increase

Increased focus on customer centricity led profits to be up by £12.1m YOY (June 2019)

ResearchBods awards

Winner of 4 awards for Best Provider for savings and mortgages at Moneynet Awards 2020

ResearchBods spend

Profits up by £12.1m YOY (June 2019)

Our solution.

The refreshed and updated My Voice community launched in 2017 and has since informed new product development, customer communications, brand development and YBSG process /customer changes as well as providing a regular ‘finger on the pulse’ of emerging topics for members, through the quarterly mood tracker.

YBS were keen to bring their strategic aim of offering ‘real help with real life’ - and the customer needs that underpin it - to life for customers and colleagues. We provided a video voxpop showreel, which made a big impact when showcased by YBS’s CEO at their annual conference.

The financial sector has experienced change at a rapid pace in recent years - we’ve helped YBS future proof their offering, adapting propositions to a new generation of savers, and developing and testing new digital platforms through which to engage members. Our work mapping customer journeys for new mortgage customers has informed YBS’ distribution strategy and identified opportunities for new offerings.

We’ve appended FRESCO segments onto the community, allowing us to deep dive into differences by segment in our reporting and our in-house panel has also been profiled, allowing for easy ‘top-up’ of potential customers, where required.

YBS ResearchBods Clients

We recently reviewed the community’s performance with key stakeholders, in order to develop community strategy for 2020 and beyond. Our expanded toolkit will allow more of YBS Group’s ad hoc projects to be run through the community, driving cost efficiency, for projects developing new platforms, propositions and marketing.

Our new dashboard health reports, launching in 2020, will offer the client team an ‘always on’, real time view of participation and engagement levels, and provide insight on how and when to best engage members.

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