Most major brands strive to get as close as they can to their customers. But what does ‘Customer Closeness’ really mean and how can you build it into your strategy to better meet their needs and drive business growth? With more and more people living online and working from home, the opportunities to engage with customers digitally are almost endless. Having the right tools in place to ‘listen in’ - and knowing when to use them - can mean the difference between achieving true customer closeness versus only aspiring to it. In this 35 minute session we discuss a range of key topics including: • How customer closeness accelerates great decision-making.• How technology is changing what it means to get closer to customers.• The most effective approaches for listening to and engaging with your customers.• How to bring customers and insights to life with key stakeholders in your business.• How successful brands use customer closeness strategies to accelerate customer acquisition, growth and retention (including case studies).

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The webinar is presented by:

ResearchBods sarah askew
Sarah AskewInnovation Director at STRAT7 ResearchBods

Sarah has over 17 years' experience as a hands on researcher and digital research specialist. Her role is to develop our toolkit of solutions inline with technological advances in the industry, including the development of our in-house insight community platform, ex-plor. She works with clients to understand their research challenges, signposting existing tools to suit their needs, and identifying new ways to innovative and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

ResearchBods katie
Katie AllenSenior Insight Executive at STRAT7 ResearchBods

Katie delivers insights for a range of B2C clients across various sectors including O2 and Twinings. She's a key member of our insight team, managing projects through the full life cycle, from proposal to fieldwork to reporting and debriefs. Katie is passionate about discovering those unique moments of truth through skillful qualitative research. She enjoys being the voice of the consumer for clients, helping to shape business decisions that make a positive difference to people’s lives.