Enriching the data you collect.

Traditionally, community data is used to develop insight on an individual project basis, but we believe that the vast amount of data built up during the life of a community can be combined to become a valuable data asset. This can provide fresh new insight, without the need to commission additional research.

Working with STRAT7 LiFE, we can work to link up associated data from your projects and PQ data with STRAT7 LiFE's data lake and your own data (e.g. CRM or purchasing behaviour) to provide a new and powerful view on issues of strategic importance to you.

What is STRAT7 LiFE?

Owned by STRAT7, STRAT7 LiFE is a unique consumer data lake, with coverage ofover 95% of the UK households & consumers, plus links to wider Global data.

“It’s an extremely valuable business tool for getting closer to our audience, used by all departments - ultimately enabling quicker business decisions.”

Neil MortensenDirector of Audiences at ITV

ITV ResearchBods clients
ITV ResearchBods clients

Uniquely created by combining multiple data sources, utilising data from commercial and open market sources, focusing on - demographics, behaviour and attitudes.

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Includes social data, such as shares/likes/views and other bespoke datasets.

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Delivered by the provision of Advanced customer analytics:

We embrace new techniques in Machine Learning & AI, to impute insight to increase overall coverage.

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The LiFE data lake can easily be matched to your community's member profiles.

How does it work?

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Discovery phase

We’ll work with you to, develop 4-5 themes to act as springboards for data discovery - these can be current burning questions for the business or gaps in existing knowledge.

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Data exploration phase

Using the combination of community responses with external views of your customers to get you even closer to them. Applying learning to all markets to impute accurate insight and understanding.

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We’ll provide insight, in the form of a one-off report or interactive dashboard which allows you to delve deeper into your themes.

Example use cases


Develop new understanding of consumer segments or easily layer attitudinal information onto transactional segmentation's, without needing to run new research.

Strategic insight

Generate new insight to inform strategic decision making.

Proposition development & targeting

Predict how different customer groups are likely to respond to future initiatives and which might be most receptive.

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