Designed and built in collaboration with researchers, marketeers, analytics professionals and clients. The ex-plor platform showcases a full suite of quant and qual tools, data integrations and is fully mobile optimised for 'on the go' interaction.

The platform can be tailored to suit your requirements, from branding to interface and is available in over 14 languages. Using APIs we can easily plug into any CRM or third party platforms to ensure information is transferred in real-time.

"ResearchBods have given us a fresh new look and more ways to engage with our very active community. Their innovative app means provides us with unique in-the-moment insight."

Senior Insight Manager

penguin publishing house ResearchBods clients
penguin publishing house ResearchBods clients

Brilliantly branded member experiences.

We are driven by creating visually striking and engaging environments that encourage research participation and a positive perception of the brand involved.

ResearchBods ex-plor works on any platform
ResearchBods ex-plor market research questions

Extensive quantitative toolkit

Over 250 intuitive question types for both desktop and mobile. Ranging from brand affinity, heatmaps, media evaluators and complex pricing/statistical techniques such as Gabor-Granger and Van Westendorp.

Immersive qualitative modules

Gain a deeper understanding and explore the drivers of decisions with our qualitative modules. These include discussion rooms, forums, diary studies, interactive maps and online focus groups.

ResearchBods ex-plor insight community
ResearchBods ex-plor video focus groups

The power of video

Conduct video focus groups and 1-2-1 sessions with your members. Features include interactive whiteboards, live polling, private client/observer chat and automated video transcripts available immediately.

Our fully integrated mobile app to engage your customers on the move.

To best enable community members to participate in a convenient way and in a time and place that’s suitable for them, our app allows members to feedback real-time insights quickly, anytime, anywhere.

Fully integrated with your community it has a range of unique features including:

  • Intuitive onboarding tutorial for newly signed up members.
  • Easily re-skinned to fall in line with the branded look and feel of the community.
  • Trigger research tasks in real-time based on the location of respondents – perfect for retail CX.
  • In app notifications for rapid response rates.
  • Live on iOS and Android.
ResearchBods ex-plor app download
ResearchBods ex-plor app

Reporting and analysis

Easy to use tools that help you interpret, understand and visualise the data you’re collecting. These include live cross tabs (with sign testing and weighting), automated PowerPoint charting and interactive dashboards.

ResearchBods ex-plor admin stats
ResearchBods ex-plor community view

Intuitive admin site

Manage the key metrics of your community’s health and learn about your members past and future behaviours driven through AI and machine learning.

Safe, secure and scalable

Our platform lives in scalable, reliable, and secure cloud based infrastructure, allowing us to host your community anywhere in the world within minutes.

ResearchBods ex-plor cloud hosting
ResearchBods ex-plor

Support that’s hassle free

We believe there is never any excuse to not deliver great service and our help desk is there to solve queries immediately, and with a smile.

Push and pull your data in real time

Through our APIs we create a seamless and automated integration into your data eco-systems to maximise the value of your communities ROI.

ResearchBods ex-plor API integration

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