We’re a solutions driven team of researchers, consultants, statisticians and ethnographers – with inquisitive minds and a passion for solving problems and continuous learning. We combine this experience with sector knowledge to deliver commercially lensed and business usable reporting, insights and recommendations.

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From tactical to strategic issues, our experts are here to help you answer a wide range of pressing business questions.

Creative & packaging development

Solutions that are as agile as your design process and grounded in behavioural insight.

Our solutions are designed with quick turnaround and stakeholder engagement in mind, meaning you can spend time making changes that matter - not waiting for results. Choose from our vast library of questions to measure memorability and implicit reaction, use eye-tracking and facial coding to understand instinctive ‘System 1’ responses or use our highlighter tool to capture rich, articulated feedback.
ResearchBods Creative & packaging development
Use cases:
  • Our research helped the UK’s leading mobile network operator test their new brand positioning and identify opportunities to better engage, through dial testing.
  • We used eye-tracking and facial coding to understand instinctive responses to a new TV, for a major soft drinks manufacturer.

ResearchBods Campaign effectiveness

Campaign effectiveness

Prove ROI and impact.

Proving impact – especially in terms of converting a sale – is notoriously tricky. How can we prove exposure? And how do we evidence impact on behaviour without sampling massive groups of customers? CampaignTrack is our approach to campaign effectiveness allowing you to benchmark on key brand metrics and using behavioural data to understand what viewers do after seeing your campaign.
Use cases from our work with a major media owner:
  • Linking community data to their video-on-demand viewing data, allowing sampling based on actual campaign exposure.
  • Trialling the use of in-home biometrics to understand engagement with the John Lewis advertising campaign throughout the festive season.

Usage & attitudes (U&A)

Drive growth by understanding the bigger picture for your customers and prospects.

Every growth strategy starts with determining which customers should be targeted, with what, when and where. We take what you already know and enrich it with new data and insight, to illuminate the hidden opportunities. Enrich your customer profiles with 100’s of behavioural and attitudinal data points, through our STRAT7 LiFE data lake, which covers over 95% of UK households or passively track digital behaviours and opportunities to convert your target market.
ResearchBods Usage & attitudes (U&A)
Use cases:
  • We provided insights which helped a major UK supermarket revitalise a static category
  • Our multi-market U&A helped one of the world’s largest art supplies manufacturers create a new brand and shopper strategy

ResearchBods Customer journeys & Customer experience

Customer journeys & customer experience

Capture complex customer journeys and the CX moments that matter.

We help you capture and harness the critical touch-points in customer experience and decision making, and the mindset that drives them. We use techniques such as passive metering, diary studies and ‘in the moment’ location activated tasks to capture the moments that matter in the customer journey.
Use cases:
  • We’ve helped a major supermarket retailer to capture NPS scores as soon as customers left one of their stores, or competitors.
  • Our insight allowed one of the UK’s biggest airlines to understanding the online-offline path to purchase for holidays, and when, where and how to influence behaviour.

User experience & online optimisation

Optimise customer experience across your digital touch-points.

When online, customers can behave in ways that are unpredictable and seem inexplicable. The moments that make or break online customer experience can often go unseen. We’re passionate about helping clients deliver customer-centric digital experiences, using tools ranging from online ethnography, diaries, and accompanied surfs and in-survey testing tools to develop digital solutions, from concept through to beta version.
ResearchBods User experience & Online optimisation
Use cases:
  • Our research allowed one of the UK’s biggest building societies to develop, refine and test their new savings app.
  • We identified insights which informed a major not-for-profit’s data and personalisation strategy, using a sprint approach to test-refine-test again.

ResearchBods Concept, product & Pricing development

Concept, product & pricing development

Insight to inform every stage of product development.

How do you decide which ideas to park and which to progress? And how do you optimise existing products that aren’t reaching their potential? Screen, validate and test using our statistical tools to inform pricing and proposition, and predict success. Bring stakeholders and customers together to ideate and co-create online. Use propensity modelling to identify customer profiles most likely to grow or convert and map this back onto your CRM.
Use cases:
  • Our research for a favourite UK pub-chain helped identify the ‘sweet spot’ for online booking deposits which would minimise cancellation without deterring bookings
  • We’re the nominated insight agency for innovation trials, for one of the UK’s biggest retailers.
  • Our work with an international telecoms provider has informed new innovations in the automotive and healthcare space, as well as opportunities to improve on their existing tariffs.

Customer listening & Closeness

Uncover the human truths that drive customer-centric strategy.

Sometimes the real insights are the ones that we don’t go looking for. Customer stories can inspire, engage and convince the most stubborn stakeholders. And customer-centricity drives profit too – a Deloitte study found that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable. We help you put the customer into ‘c-suite’, using the latest tools for social listening and sentiment analysis alongside ad-hoc or ongoing customer listening programmes.
ResearchBods Customer listening & Closeness
Use cases:
  • We designed a programme of customer closeness sessions for one of Britain’s most-loved tea brands which the client team described as ‘game-changing’.
  • We brought real customer lives to life for a major UK retailer, delivered through a bespoke photo dashboard.

We also offer a range of wider services, you just have to ask.

Survey Programming

The survey experience of a respondent is key to ensuring the collection of data is accurate and robust. Our programmers create visually engaging and interactive surveys to maintain the attention of the respondent from beginning to end, compatible across all devices.

Data processing & Advanced Analytics

Our data processing services are based on specifications as simple or as complex as your brief requires. All tables are clearly laid out and placed through an integrated quality control process to eliminate anomalies. In addition we can draw upon suite of analytics methods and techniques to understand the true value of your data.

Community Management

A team of experts who truly understand how to create and sustain an engaged community of your customers. Ranging from recruitment, day to day member feedback, retention, engagement and overall health they will embed a unique strategy to bring your customers along in the journey.

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