If any phrase has come to the fore during the pandemic it has been “agility.”

Traditionally organisations have built infrastructure in order to achieve stability. Businesses by their nature are complex, often comprising of fragmented systems and processes, and are considerably less flexible than the customers they seek to serve.

Organisations want to become more resilient, more adaptable and respond quicker to market demands. Whilst the pandemic was certainly brought about the need for change at an unprecedented scale, this process had already begun. Over the last five years we have seen competitor brands multiplying, buying journeys become more fragmented, technology advancing at a rapid pace, and increased regulations across nearly every sector. This cocktail of challenges means that the modern organisation simply must be more adaptable.

Whilst many business leaders see agility as an organisational issue, in pursuing lower-operational costs, brand risk lowering service/product standards and losing customers. How can any business hope to serve, retain and grow with their customers without truly understanding their needs, and how can they do this whilst lowering the cost of market research?

Insight Communities provide an “always on” voice of your customers (both current and future) enabling you to conduct real-time consultation. This can enable greater insight around:

Cultural Impacts

Market Research often only represent a moment in time. Covid19 highlighted the fact that when unexpected things happen, it can disrupt current segments, rapidly changing our relationship to our customers. Insight Communities are a continuous form of market research which means that within minutes (and without any project set-up) you can understand how wider events/news are impacting your customers and how this might relate to your brand.

Your Offering

Thanks to the proliferation of data, we now have more information than ever before about the buying habits of our customers, yet providing the right message to the right people at the right time has never been so difficult. The customer journey now takes place in a fragmented manner, across multiple channels. Not only this, but customers have more choice than ever before, product lines are expanding for wider appeal and trends move so quickly, no sooner have you identified them, they are over. In this environment it can be difficult to get objective feedback on your offering.

Our Insight Community, ex-plor comes with a wide range of tools for you to assess and refine your product or offering in a quick and easy way. This allows you to make changes in a fast and agile way and respond to the ever-changing needs of your customer.

Every brand needs to understand their customer and Insight Communities provide a fantastic platform to do this in a quick and agile manner.

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