Sometimes you just need answers, and you need them today.

The problem with the Insights Industry is that this has become the rule rather than the exception. In today’s data-driven world, researchers are expected to produced faster results, that have more impact, at a lower cost. The result of which is inextricably a compromise in terms of quality. New tools such as automation and algorithms can contribute to lowering the cost of insight whilst increasing speed, but this doesn’t mean that they can deliver the best results in all cases. The long-term value of quality insights project almost always outweighs the short-term benefits from the easier route…but what if there was a way to get the best of both worlds?

Highly Profiled Participants

One of the major challenges in delivering quality at speed is in attracting the right respondents. This is where Insight Communities have a distinct advantage. Whilst recruiting members for your community is a challenge, once you have community members, quick research becomes significantly easier.

During our onboarding process we will integrate any existing data on participants – whether from CRM, loyalty programmes, or other transactional or product data. We also take new community members through a recruitment survey. This is so we can confirm relevant demographics and also establish the core data for segmentation. This means that while ever that member is a part of your community you can rest assured that they are real person, which segment they fit into, as well as behavioural data from your CRM. This is a significant time saving when compared to recruiting respondents for surveys and means you don’t need to sacrifice quality for speed.

One platform, many uses

Another way in which an Insight Community enables quick research is in their versatility. With a wide range of different question types and a simple user interface, its easy to conduct a wide variety of research in a short amount of time. When we compare this to other methods of fast data collection, we can see that typically the only format that is used are online surveys which may only contain multiple choice and open-ended questions. Whilst this may provide insight, it is certainly not as qualitative as say a dial test on a new TV ad or a heatmap analysis of a new poster. This is a clear advantage in using an Insight Community.

When you can conduct research, assured of quality in a short amount of time you can then spend more time on analysis and decision making.

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