Good data helps to drive better decision making. 

We know how vital the data we provide is to the organisations that use it. That’s why our clients are confident we deliver the most reliable, trusted and prompt data collection services time and time again. A big part of this is ensuring our audience is of the highest quality.
Audience Quality

All sample from our audience portal meet the same rigorous quality checks to ensure consistency as well as compliance with regulatory bodies.

Members participating in surveys opt in to participate and share their data, with checks upon registration including email verification, geographical and machine checking, as well as both automated and manual verification of profiling and registration data.

Sample quality does not stop at point of registration and checks are applied to every survey completed before data is passed to the client.

These include IP and machine checking, data checks including straight lining, speeding as well
as logic and verbatim checks.

  • Rigorous quality checks
  • Double opt-in
  • ISO 27001 accredited
Quality Control Process

Logic – We check the logic of the survey by running simulated data check to ensure the routing logic has been applied correctly in the scripting process. Simulated data replicates real data and pathways through the surveys, enabling us to check the resulting outputs against hard copy. A secondary check is carried out following the soft launch, whereby a limited sample release yields a sufficient amount of interviews completed by real world respondents.

Usability – Surveys are checked on a wide variety of platforms, browsers, operating systems and devices to optimise the user experience.

Integrity – Throughout fieldwork data the integrity of the data is checked for “speeders” (interviews being completed in an unacceptably short length of time), “flatliners” (respondents giving the same answers throughout batches of grid questions) and poor quality verbatim responses. Interviews falling foul of our quality procedures are rejected ensures the end dataset is of the very highest quality.

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