A great set of questions used to understand preferences and compare options. This type of question allows respondents to select their preferences based on either a ranking system or on how strongly they might agree to a particular statement. 

In ex-plor 

There are quite a few options for rating and ranking within ex-plor these include: 

  • An intuitive star rating system.
  • Sliders, which are ideal for questions where you wish to ask respondents to answer in terms of percentages or give numeric answers. 
  • More traditional rating style questions displayed in grid format or as carousels where an item “flies” into view to be rated, followed by the next item & so on 
  • Image & logo substitution in place of text; carousels are well suited to this. 
  • Drag ‘n’ drop ranking questions; e.g. select your most favourite, 2nd favourite & 3rd favourite biscuit. 

Top Tips

While star ratings are the cornerstone of recommendation systems everywhere, they are of course subjective to the person’s own interpretation. There will always be some degree of ambiguity on the scale. Try and indicate beyond terms like ‘strongly agree’ as to what the scale represents. 

When you are seeking answers based around emotions or sentiments, an alternative to a number/star based system would be emojis. 

Ranking questions can help to uncover some of your respondent’s real-world choices. Where this might give you insight into preferences, it is important to keep the number of options low. Whilst most people can choose their top three and bottom three options, often any more items in the middle may be unreliable. 

Similarly, be wary of including too many grid questions in your survey; it can become tedious for the respondent and will result in poor quality answers as they “flatline” through the questions, not giving them the attention you might hope they would. Don’t rely upon presenting them in a variety of different ways as distraction technique either; it might work to a point but respondents will soon see through it! 

While the ex-plor platform works on any device, its important to consider that certain formats do work better on different platforms.  As an example, drag and drop questions will be easier for respondents who are using desktop computers than for respondents who are answering on a smartphone. Fortunately, our platform addresses this, and where appropriate, is able to present the question in a more optimised format for the device the respondent is answering the survey upon. 

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