STRAT7 is a global data and insight consultancy, specialising in analytics and transformative strategies.

Our partnership of data, insight analytics and strategy specialists help you to understand the global market, the customers of today and tomorrow and how to execute strategies with the power to transform your brand and business.

In today’s world, customers are always switched on. For seven days a week their actions produce vast amounts of data. The challenge is how to capture and enrich it seamlessly and harness the analytical insights to make game-changing business decisions seven days a week. STRAT7 was created to overcome these challenges by turning ordinary data into smart data, and smart data into actionable strategic solutions. By harnessing data in the right way, it has the power transform your brand, products, services, marketing and advertising, as well as customer targeting and lifetime value.

We are a group of discipline specialists brought together by our shared ambition to transform businesses. Our companies include: STRAT7 ResearchBods who utilise proprietary software to harness customer data and intelligence; STRAT7 LiFE who provide data enrichment services incorporating AI and machine learning; STRAT7 Bonamy Finch who create actionable insights through primary research and advanced analytics; and STRAT7+ who formulate innovative yet practical strategies designed to maximise business growth. Together we share the guiding principles of curiosity, collaboration and creativity in thought and action.

It's time to realise the true power of data. By combining our tools and specialisms, we can help you get closer to customers and devise effective data driven strategies.