Your Fast Track to Customer-Centric Growth

For many brands, Insight Communities are the driving force behind customer-centric growth. Customer-centric, because they give you direct access to your customers and their changing needs – vital in uncertain times. Growth, because they will help you meet those needs better and more efficiently.
In this three part series, we outline everything you need to know about Insight Communities – what they can be used for, how to get the most of them and why they should be considered a vital strategic asset.
ResearchBods insight community whitepaper series

Book 1 of 3

Why every brand needs an Insight Community

(to achieve customer-centric growth)

ResearchBods insight communities

We lay out the fundamentals of Insight Communities for busy marketers and managers. We describe what they are, how they work, and what they can do for a business. And we take you step by step through putting together the business case for one.

  • Seven reasons your business needs an insight community.
  • How insight communities drive growth.
  • Use cases by business function and industry sector.
  • Building the business case.

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Book 2 of 3

8 steps to creating and running the very best insight community

ResearchBods insight community whitepaper series

In the second book, we detail eight steps to creating and running a best-in-class insight community, covering platforms, moderation, incentives, reporting, and much more. It distils our years of experience running insight communities and offers proven advice for getting the most out of yours.

  • How platform functionality plays a vital role in its success.
  • How to engage with members and create value exchange.
  • How to socialise your insights with impactful outputs.
  • How to gain stakeholder buy in and deliver visible ROI.

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Book 3 of 3

Turning your Insight Community into a strategic asset

ResearchBods insight community whitepaper series

In the third book, we zoom out and look at the future of insight communities and how they’re turning into a powerful strategic asset for companies. We examine innovations in the insight community space, and discuss why insight platforms are the next frontier of customer-centric growth.

  • What Insight Communities need to do to become a strategic asset.
  • How to widen the scope of effectiveness through data integration.
  • Why business integration is essential for achieving business goals.
  • How Insight Communities will improve and evolve in the future.

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