Understanding consumer behaviour is important for any brand. But the pandemic and multiple lockdowns have created a significant knowledge gap – one that needs closing.


So, how will consumers behave as we emerge from the latest (and possibly last) lockdown? And how can brands capitalise on growing consumer confidence and potential pent-up demand?


In this webinar we discuss how brands are using Insight Communities to gain valuable insights into what consumers are thinking, doing and planning to do next. In the session we cover:


• How consumer behaviour has changed over the past twelve months.
• How to determine which changes are permanent vs temporary.
• How to predict (and influence) what consumers will do next.
• How to use customer closeness to reconnect with customers.
• How to respond quickly to your customers’ changing needs.
• Plus 4x mini case studies.


The session is 45 mins including Q&A and is presented by Sarah Askew, Innovation Director and Hannah Barnes, Insight Executive at STRAT7 ResearchBods.

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