Easy Onboarding to Insight Communities matters because undue friction will cause frustration.

Insight Communities are an essential source of data for every customer-centric business. They provide an "always-on" voice of your customer allowing you to understand what they’re thinking at any given time.

Smooth onboarding is the one of the many hurdles that have to be overcome in order to reap the benefits of your own Insight Community. This is a challenging phase because it requires you to balance two quite distinct and contradictory needs:

  1. The need for a consumer to feel welcomed and valued, with an easy, engaging process.
  2. The need for you to collect as much useful data as possible, as quickly as possible.

This really is a delicate balancing act, as making onboarding too hard risks low participant numbers and engagement, while making it too easy impacts on the usefulness of the data you will ultimately receive.

As the old saying goes: you only get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to Insight Communities a bad first impression may mean incomplete sign-ups, not to mention failure to properly engage once a sign-up is complete.

Enriching data encourages sign-up

In most cases, potential participants will be invited by email, using data taken from your own CRM, or from a list that we provide.

It’s good practice to enrich this data as thoroughly as possible, as early as possible.

Not only does this potentially make the sign-up process easier for participants, it also helps you to tailor the onboarding experience.

So while the initial ‘tour’ and explanation of how a new participant navigates the platform may remain the same, having enriched data available enables you to segment participants quickly.

Engaging tasks encourage retention

Segmenting participants as early as possible doesn’t simply help you to make data meaningful at the outset, it enables you to direct them to relevant and engaging tasks and activities immediately.

All of which goes beyond making the sign-up experience as frictionless as possible, and helps get you quickly to the point where participants not only feel engaged, but are more likely to remain that way.

As already noted, achieving this balance isn’t easy. Too much friction in the onboarding process is going to reduce sign-ups, and too little data capture is going to reduce the effectiveness of the whole community.

Yet if you get the balance right at the onboarding stage, you’re well on your way to having the steady supply of up-to-the-minute insights you need to inform your decision-making in the long run.

STRAT7 ResearchBods do much more than provide an Insight Platform, we can help your brand through every step from recruiting, through to onboarding, set-up and running. Why not demo our community ex-plor today?