Most often when brands are considering Insight Communities it’s with existing customers in mind, but they are not the only audience you might consider… 

Benefits of Communities for Current Customers 

Current customers will be aware of your brand and may already be selfdescribed fans. For these people, the thought of contributing to a brand they love and having their voice heard is a key driver to being part on an Insight Community. As such your current customers may be easier to recruit, may need less incentives in order to contribute and may already have some ideas.  

Downsides of Communities for Current Customers 

By their nature, people already familiar with your brands and especially those who love it may fail to give you the critical insight that you are after, or may come ‘preloaded’ with strong opinions on what your brand should do. They may also have higher expectations around how often the brand will communicate with them and feel that they may be entitled to early access/insider information. 


Benefits of Communities for Lapsed Customers 

Understanding why customers have lapsed is key to future strategy. A lapsed customer can help shed light on faults with your service/product or customer service discrepancies. Most importantly they are the best people to help you understand the strategy needed to win them back.  

Downsides of Communities for Lapsed Customers 

The obvious difficulty with lapsed customers is in recruiting these people, but also the high likelihood that a negative experience with your brand will colour any research you conduct. It may be better in some situations to use an unbranded Insight Community and larger incentives when attracting this type of respondent. 


Benefits of Communities for Prospective Customers  

Insight Communities can be used for deep profiling of your segments over a prolonged period of time. This means you can establish white space and refine your sales and marketing approach. Prospective customers are more impartial and so may offer better insight into your brand and where you might improve. 

Downsides of Communities for Prospective Customers 

As you might imagine it can be difficult to get engagement from a group of people who potentially don’t use your service and therefore may not care about it. Respondents may worry that in participating in an Insight Community they will be proactively targeted for sales. 


Benefits of Communities for Employees  

Many companies use an Insight Community for an employee feedback program, including employee satisfaction tracking and moderated forums. It can also be used for training and employee development exercises. The major advantage of using an Insight Community is that you can combine a lot of different feedback measures that you may not be able to do on other HR platforms. 

Downsides of Communities for Employees

Although regular feedback is often desirable, it is rare that the frequency of this data is collected is high enough that you might justify the costs of setting up an Insight Community. Employees often worry that research will be shared with their managers and so may not give honest answers. Insight Communities aimed at Employees really need to consider engagement and outputs at the strategic stage and where there isn’t a clear return on investment, it may be better to carry out more traditional forms of employee feedback/research. 

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