"Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans." Ken Blanchard - Mollie Beck 

In a world where consumers have more choices than ever before, brand loyalty is precious. Organisations of all sizes are asking themselves how they can move beyond being just another customer transaction, to being a brand and experience they actively enjoy and promote.  

Understanding your customer has never been more important, but historically the only methods in which to gain customer insight data has been from surveys, aggregated/syndicated data sets and various qualitative techniques. While these methods can provide fantastic insight, they also create a snapshot of one moment in time with what is often an anonymous respondent base. 

An Insight Community is a way of conducting ongoing research with a group of users. Deeply profiled consumers are engaged with a wide variety of research methods, allowing you to put customers at the heart of your activity and draw out actionable insights. They allow brands to engage with their customers (current and future) in real-time – in a safe, transparent, and secure online environment. 

Use Cases

Exploration – Insight Communities help to bring focus to the fuzziness of your customer’s lives. By building an ongoing relationship, you can establish a higher level of trust and enthusiasm than with ad-hoc research projects.

White Space – Launching any new product or service is probably one of the riskiest endeavours for any organisation, and so being able to test out these concepts in a fast and efficient manner is vital. Develop a new proposition by engaging with different segments and discover opportunities for brand extensions or pick up on emergent competitors that weren’t on your radar.

New Segments – How can you best adapt your product range or services to a new market, will you need to rebrand, what factors will influence a buying decision? 

Path to Purchase – What are the steps that customers  will take towards buying your product/service and what issues might they have along that way, what materials or resources can help to expediate this process? Insight Communities allow you to look beyond the data in your CRM or web analytics and understand the multiple touchpoints in which consumers interact with your brand and others, bringing clarity to the full journey. 

Website Testing – Small UX choices can have a major impact on the bottom line and what better way to these out than with customers already familiar with your brand? With eye tracking technology and screen recording you can conduct user testing in a far more agile way. 

Ideas – The time and cost associated with developing new ideas/products/service can be substantial. Not only do Insight Communities lets you leverage feedback in a fast and efficient manner, and they can also be a source of ideas directly from your customers.  

These are only a few examples of how brands are leveraging Insight Communities. To find out how your organisation could benefit why not get in touch or request a demo today?

These are only a few examples of how brands are leveraging Insight Communities. To find out more and see the full features of our platform, why not arrange a demo?

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