Technology Grow your market and deepen user interaction

Regulation is increasing. Issues around security and privacy are here to stay. While tech companies have seen big gains recently, investors are now taking a more cautious outlook. So how can tech companies ensure ROI on their activity? How can they establish a happy and growing user base? How can they turn data into better decisions? With our help of course!

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Improve user experience

  • Understand real journeys and usage with mouse and click tracking.
  • Improve engagement and conversion through accompanied surfs.
  • Segments sit easily within the platform enabling testing with different groups.

Refine your proposition and pricing

  • Get fast consumer feedback. Inform your proposition and pricing.
  • Discover where you sit in relation to competitors.
  • Understand which segments are most likely to buy.
  • Compare and contrast different offerings and packages.

Develop compelling creative

  • From early stage concepts through to completed creative, get real feedback and analysis on your collateral.
  • One platform can house many segments. See how different groups react.
  • Import text, images, videos and websites into surveys.

Relax knowing you’ve made the right choice

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