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We blend data, technology and sharp thinking to bring customers and brands closer — putting the voice of consumers at your fingertips for faster, smarter and better-informed decisions.

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From market understanding to global data collection — jump into a range of services that will help you grow in confidence, make decisions with certainty, and create exceptional customer experiences.

The insight edge on your terms

Whether you choose to self-serve with the ex-plor platform, leverage our expertise with a consultancy-based approach, or tailor a mix of both, you’ll receive specialist support every step of the way. Put simply: you choose the blend, we deliver the solution.

Our platform

Discover ex-plor, the best-in-class customer-centric platform.

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Global Audience

Global audience

Access a global audience of 100’s of millions of respondents across 15 markets.

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Our people and expertise

Enjoy the support of some of the best talent in research today.

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An agile programme of insight to help you fuel business, brand and sales growth

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Research expertise when you need it

We are more than just a platform. Our team is bursting with expertise who are always happy to point you in the right direction. We’re problem solvers, multitaskers and team players. We care about your outcomes. We want you to feel like we’re members of your own team.

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Fast solutions for new challenges

It can be difficult to pinpoint today’s customer. Everything is moving so fast.  New channels keep emerging. Understanding what makes your current and prospective customers tick allows you to tailor brands, products, pricing and communication to specific groups, so you can make best use of limited resources.

Customer understanding

Real-time insights at your fingertips

Imagine having all the answers to your business problems just a click away. ex-plor is your one stop shop to get closer to customers, discover their needs and predict the future. Enable fast, smart and informed decisions.

ex-plor our platform

Bring your customers closer than ever

Bring the customer voice to life. Get 24/7 insights from deeply profiled consumers in a safe and secure online environment. Gain a single view of your customer’s changing needs, by combining your data sources to truly supercharge your strategy.

Insight Communities

High quality data and analysis, delivered quickly

Practically perfect participants

Tap into over 110 million pre-profiled consumers and get the high quality data and analysis you need today. Whatever the audience, whatever the size and whenever you need it, we’ve got you covered.

Agency solutions

Dependable data collection

No matter how big or small your project we’ve put in place rigorous checks, processes and safeguards to ensure that whether we’re collecting, storing, managing or deleting data… we’ll do it the right way.

Data protection & Quality

We never promise anything we can't deliver

Researchbods is the agency you can depend upon! We are always transparent with timelines and turnaround and dedicated to client success.

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