Financial services Future proof your offering

Developments in fin-tech and open banking are transforming the way we spend, save and invest. Consumers expect financial institutions to be transparent, ethical and flexible to their needs as we all become increasingly reliant on tech as our financial-life coaches. It’s never been more important to dig deep into the needs of consumers, deliver a seamless omnichannel experience and win their loyalty. We can help.

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Who to target for growth and how

  • Understand customer value, target specific segments and grow your share of wallet.
  • Uncover real customer journeys and seize opportunities to influence.
  • Discover what your prospects really think of your brand.

Test and develop your digital platforms

  • Improve user experience on your platforms.
  • Discover real user journeys and problems.
  • Increase engagement and satisfaction.
  • Co-create new digital experiences with target consumers.

Explore white space opportunities

  • Get fast consumer opinions to inform new propositions.
  • Easily incorporate feedback throughout the innovation cycle.
  • Test out marketing and sales messages.

Accessible, reassuring and validating - that's the Researchbods way

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