Introducing our new Customer Success division

Researchbods has launched a new Customer Success division, to ensure each client achieves and exceeds their individual business goals.

By putting customers at the heart of the business, the Customer Success division will focus on delivering a first-class client experience across all touchpoints, and provide extensive resources and support throughout the customer journey. This ‘customer-first’ approach means clients will gain maximum value from the full suite of Researchbods’ products and services to reach their desired outcomes.

Emily McCarthy, who joined Researchbods in April 2019 to head-up the Client Services team, has been promoted to Head of Customer Success. Her role is to implement and lead the new division by overseeing the internal teams for Client Services, Insight, Community Management and Creative, to stimulate wider strategic opportunities across the business. As a collaborative division, each team will have a shared responsibility for helping clients to achieve their ambitions and proactively drive the agenda forward to ensure clients stay ahead of the competition.

Emily McCarthy, Head of Customer Success at Researchbods, comments:

“We’re very confident that the new division will play a vital role in helping our clients accelerate growth. I don’t believe there’s a one size fits all approach when it comes to clients, especially now when the landscape is changing from week to week. Our new Customer Success division utilises a rigorous framework to deliver client satisfaction, but at the same time gives us plenty of scope to tailor our offering to each individual client. We can identify potential gaps in our product and service proposition more easily, and work with our clients to develop tactical and strategic solutions to achieve both long and short-term goals.”