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Supercharge your certainty as and when you need with ad hoc insight solutions that create long-term business impact. Our Custom Insight offering gives you ultimate flexibility, tailoring everything to your needs.

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The most personalised approach to your
research needs

Designed to be the most personalised approach to real time consumer insight, our custom insight service gives you the insight edge on your terms.

Our trademark mix of technology, data, and razor-sharp thinking helps you stay ahead of customers’ changing needs. We’ll get the answers that enable you to respond rapidly to market changes, eliminate uncertainty from your strategy, and move closer to your customers.

No matter the size or scope of the project, we’ll be on hand to power-up your decision making with ad-hoc bespoke insight solutions.

Experience unparalleled flexibility

When a project kicks off we’ll interrogate and challenge the brief to clarify your objectives before helping you create a research strategy that’ll get you from where you are to where you want to be. Then we’ll pick the best team and tools for the job.

Our three partnership models let you choose the level of ownership that works for you. Just want to pick our brains? No problem. We’ll happily share our point of view to help you get the most out of your study. Need a bit more than that? We can put all hands on deck to help out. Or we can take the project end-to-end, doing all the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax. The choice is yours.

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A handpicked team for every project

We’ll put a specialist team together for each project, so you always have the expertise for the job at hand. Then we’ll turn our findings into easily digestible outputs that you can use to make faster, smarter and better-informed decisions.

Because Researchbods belongs to a family of industry-leading agencies–the Strat7 group–we have tons of relevant expertise to draw on when a brief demands it. We’ll pull in analytics aficionados, cultural authorities and specialist consultants to unlock deeper insights that feed into your strategy and create a bigger business impact. All of this is managed through one point of contact, saving you the hassle of jumping on multiple calls and keeping several balls in the air at once.

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The Future of Wellbeing

In our proprietary research study for 2023, we’re exploring what wellbeing really means to consumers, uncovering new wellbeing trends and behaviours, and running deep dives with client partners to understand how brands can capitalise on these trends.

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The market research agency with the world’s leading toolkit

Equipped with an unbeatable quantitative and qualitative toolkit, we’ve got you covered for all your research needs. And our team has specialist expertise across the entire research spectrum.

Access our extensive question library with over 250 question types, from brand affinity, heatmaps, and media evaluators, to complex pricing and statistical techniques such as Gabor-Granger, Van Westendorp and more.

Blending those questions with beautiful visuals, intuitive UX, and mobile-led design, we create bespoke surveys that deliver an engaging experience on any device.

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Dig into the ‘why’ behind customer choices with our qualitative modules.

Running discussion rooms, forums, diary studies, online focus groups and more, we’ll uncover the behaviours and attitudes driving their decisions.

When you want a full market read we’ll connect you to a global network of 110 million deeply profiled consumers across 60+ sectors and 85 countries, so you can tap into specific audiences and niches to find the right people.

Top quality insight for long-term impact

Data becomes a truly powerful tool when it leads to better decision making. You’ll have a team of classically trained insight experts digging for answers that can be turned into actions.

We’ll choose the best people for each project, so you always have the winning combination of expertise and enthusiasm on your side.

Then we’ll turn our findings into easily digestible outputs that make visualising and interpreting the data effortless. These outputs make it easy to share your findings with the end user and they’re perfect for circulating among your team. And when the devil’s in the detail, you’ll have the data to back up your point. We’ll also offer suggestions and things to consider as you plan your next steps.

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Built to suit brands and budgets of all sizes

We work with businesses of all sizes. And we treat everyone with the same care and attention, so don’t let size stop you from gaining the insight edge.

Not every research question gets an equal budget either, we know that. And we do what we can to accommodate the budget you’re working with. The beauty of this flexibility is that we can take on those small niggly pieces of work, as well as the mammoth projects.

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