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Change is the only constant. Where once brands built infrastructure for longevity, today agility and flexibility are key to survival. Dig deeper into your brand, category and marketplace. Understand what is a passing craze and when your brand needs to pivot. Discover the real relationship that customers have with your brand versus the rest of the marketplace.

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Market mapping

Technology and on-demand services continue to disrupt industries and the way we consume products and information is unrecognisable from even 10 years ago. Overlaying market trends and consumer trends offers rich insight which can be used to tap into new ideas and new innovations.

  • Immersive stakeholder workshops.
  • Social listening.
  • U&A research.

Category consumption

What drives a purchase? It’s a tangled web of needs, desires, timing and placement. Our research toolkit allows you to tap into real purchase behaviours which generate insights around a product category, how it’s used, where it’s purchased, and what triggers that purchase.

  • Consumption diaries.
  • Assisted shopping trips.
  • Drivers analysis.

Discover the undiscovered  

Henry Ford once said “If I asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.”

It’s difficult to understand the unrealised needs of your customers. We have a suite of techniques that allow you to immerse yourself in your customer’s natural environment to identify those needs, driving opportunities for innovation.

  • Ethnography.
  • Photo dashboards.
  • Semiotics.
  • Implicit response testing.

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