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Viewers are thirsty. They want high-quality content. They want lots of it. But every greenlit script is a gamble and there are no certainties. Interact directly with thousands of viewers. Validate your content investment. Uplift advertiser revenue. Deliver personalised experiences across every channel and touchpoint.

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Audience testing

  • Gather audience feedback using tools like the classic dial test, video capture and more.
  • Delve deeper by using facial recognition software that can understand emotions.
  • See what stands out using heat maps, annotation and timed questions.



Cultural insights

  • Discover how your audience is reacting to programmes, games, trends and events.
  • Get ahead of the curve through active listening and easy analysis.
  • See what your customers really think about your competition and their offering.


Perfect pricing

  • Find the right balance between freemium, subscription and premium models.
  • People have multiple subscriptions and so uncovering what they value and why is crucial.
  • Streamline your subscription model and reduce churn.







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