Insight Communities

Bring thousands of your customers together in one place and engage them anytime you want. Uncover the forces driving customer behaviour so you can adapt to meet their changing needs.

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Engage thousands of customers in real time

Bring anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands of consumers together in a secure, fully branded environment, giving you real time access to your customers.

Have your customers on hand to eliminate guesswork, enabling fast, smart and informed decisions to drive better products and services. Anticipate changes in customer behaviour and adapt to meet their changing needs.

We use the most extensive toolkit in the industry to conduct ongoing research on your behalf. Then we blend profiled and brand data to provide a powerful view of each customer. And we provide you with a dedicated team of experts who get to know your business and function like an extension of your team.

Your personal team of community specialists

You’ll have a dedicated team of experts that function like an extension of your insight team. They’ll support you and help you get the most out of your community.

Your team includes everything from project managers and insight experts to community health experts who look after the community’s wellbeing between tasks so it’s always a fun, interesting place to spend time.

However, you’ll have one key contact who will communicate everything to the rest of the team. This lets you streamline your communications and keep things simple.

Researchbods belongs to a family of industry-leading agencies – the Strat7 group – so we have plenty of related expertise to call on whenever a brief demands it. Pull in analytics aficionados, cultural authorities and specialist consultants to unlock deeper insights for a bigger business impact – all managed through one relationship.

Create a beautifully branded customer insights platform

Make your community feel like a natural extension of your brand. Work with our in-house creative studio to customise basic features, such as logos and font style, right down to fine details like the size and shape of buttons.

A branded environment makes your community recognisably yours. Members trust that they’re dealing with a legitimate brand touchpoint, making them more likely to join the community.

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An innovative toolkit powered by the world’s leading community platform

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We’re not just customer feedback software. Powered by our world-leading community insights platform, ex-plor, our vast qualitative and quantitative toolkit helps you dig into the what and the why behind consumer choices. Our extensive scripting toolkit contains over 250 question types, as well as striking visuals, intuitive UX, and mobile-led design, letting you create engaging surveys that generate a high volume of responses.

Discover the consumer behaviours and attitudes driving decisions with immersive qualitative modules such as discussion rooms, forums, diary studies, interactive maps and online focus groups. Easily pull out the common themes in conversations using our innovative AI tools so you know what’s on their minds.

Harnessing the power of these tech tools enables us to get the answers you need at lightning speed. We know how important a fast turnaround is in today’s marketplace so we won’t keep you waiting. That’s the joy of having an insights platform that’s always on.

Actionable insights that deliver real impact

Our insight experts turn raw data into actionable insights that deliver true business impact. We’ll use our expertise to interrogate data and uncover the eureka moments where your most important business questions are answered. Then we’ll transform our findings into short stories that land and stick.

Taking into consideration your aims and objectives, we’ll share our findings with you and suggest next steps, so you know what to do to stay one step ahead of your customers.

Over time, we’ll build a body of knowledge that informs every project. The quality and depth of our insights will continuously improve, giving you even greater certainty in your decision making.

7 advantages an Insight Community gives your brand

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