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Researchbods is the human face of research, bringing our expertise to life, and inspiring people to embrace insight innovation. We’re problem solvers, multitaskers and team players. Our team brings together the best talent to deliver a great service.

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We’re innovative

We strive to keep improving. To develop and grow. We work with academics, designers, developers and other creatives to create new approaches, leverage new technology and try new ways of working. Innovation is our lifeblood and we aim to set trends, not follow them.

We’re flexible

We’ve built our team and tech to meet your brand’s needs. We respond quickly to small and large briefs. We care about your outcomes. We want you to feel like we’re members of your own team, and if that means changing directions for the greater good… we’re right there alongside you.
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We love a challenge

We challenge conventional thinking. We challenge the mediocre and the assumed. We challenge ourselves to be the best we can be and we love it when our clients challenge us.

Everyone gets a spot on the wall. Everyone is important.

Antonios Chrysakis

Lead Developer

Alexandra Ilie

Project Team Leader

Researchbods Andy Nolan

Andy Nolan

Data Executive

Researchbods andy smith

Andy Smith

Lead Programmer

Researchbods ben jones

Ben Jones

Operations Executive

researchbods meet the team

Ben Mahon

Senior Data Executive

researchbods meet the team

Courtney Devlin

Project Manager

Researchbods chloe emerson

Chloe Emerson

Project Team Leader

Charlotte Moody

Client Director

Researchbods Christina Rider

Christina Rader

Community Manager

Researchbods C;laire Reid

Claire Reid

Client Director

Dale Henry

Client Director - Global Audience

Dave Naylor

Chief Technology Officer

Darren Sloper

Creative Director

Researchbods Danielle Swift

Danielle Swift

Insight Manager

Researchbods elaine morris

Elaine Morris

Insight Director

Researchbods Emily McCartney

Emily McCarthy

Head of Customer Success

Researchbods Frances Revel

Frances Revel

Head of Quant

Researchbods Floris van oekel

Floris van Oekel

Client Executive

Researchbods Gordon Sherratt

Gordon Sherratt

Head of IT

Researchbods Hannah Barnes

Hannah Barnes

Senior Insight Executive

Researchbods Hanna downs

Hannah Downs

Head of Insight

Researchbods Helen Hilton

Helen Hilton

Finance Manager

researchbods meet the team

Harninder Kaur

Community Manager

Researchbods Harry Pickering

Harry (Henry) Pickering

Project Manager

Researchbods Jonathan Clough

Jonathan Clough

Managing Director

John Crichton

Support and Delivery Technician

Researchbods jemima edwards

Jemima Edwards

Client Manager

Researchbods John Horgon

John Horgan

Insight Director

Researchbods Jonny McHugh

Jonny McHugh

Central Operations Analyst

Researchbods Jim Parkinson

Jim Parkinson

Associate Insight Director

Researchbods Joe Wooley

Joe Woolley

Senior Insight Executive

Researchbods Katie Allen

Katie Allen

Insight Manager

Researchbods Kelsey Catchpole

Kelsey Catchpole

Project Manager

Researchbods Katie Clark

Katie Clark

Creative Designer

Researchbods Katie Cowan

Katie Cowan

Community Manager

researchbods meet the team

Kellie Hickson

Community Manager

Researchbods Kai Rainferd

Kai Rainferd

Senior Data Executive

Researchbods kirk stevens

Kirk Stevens

Agile Delivery Lead

Researchbods Lucy Alexander

Lucy Alexander

Research Panel and Social Media Manager

Researchbods Lizzie Corner

Lizzie Corner

BA and Technical Author

Researchbods Luke Iremonger

Luke Iremonger

Insight Executive

Researchbods Laura Montenegro

Laura Montenegro

Project Manager

Researchbods Laura Thabart

Laura Thabart

Community Manager

Researchbods Mark Cattlin

Mark Cattlin

Product Manager

Researchbods Michael Constantinou

Michael Constantinou

Junior Full Stack Engineer

researchbods Mia Mckeown

Mia Mckeown

Data Executive

Researchbods Melanie Ratcliffe

Melanie Ratcliffe

Data Executive

Researchbods Matthew Sheldon

Matt Sheldon

AWS Infrastructure Engineer

Marcus Silversides

Head of Data

researchbods Mona Souli

Mona Souli

Senior Community Manager

Researchbods Marchela Uzunova

Marchela Uzunova

Project Manager

researchbods meet the team

Nicola Clough

Company Secretary

Researchbods Neda Georgieva

Neda Georgieva

Finance Assistant

researchbods Nick Offord-Middleton

Nick Offord-Middleton

Senior Data Executive

researchbods meet the team

Omar Alvarez

Application Developer

researchbods pavol

Pavol Hlavac

Multimedia Videographer

Philip Skinner

Principal Engineer

Researchbods Peter Strachan

Peter Strachan

Associate Insight Director

Researchbods Vera Delipavlova

Vera Delipavlova

Senior Project Manager

Martin Varbov


Mariela Tocheva

Project Manager

Petar Ginev


Ico Karabadzhakov


Iliya Shopov

Junior Scripter

Ivaylo Ganev

Senior Programmer

Valentina Turlakova

Senior Data Processor

Kristiyan Angelov


researchbods Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Business Development Manager

Researchbods Reuben Barker

Reuben Barker

Product Manager

Researchbods Robert Crossley

Robert Crossley

IT Support Analyst

Researchbods Rodney Menon

Rodney Menon

Project Manager

Researchbods Russell Odom

Russell Odom

Infrastructure Architect

Researchbods robbie stewart

Robbie Stewart

Operations Director

Researchbods Rachel Walsh

Rachel Walsh

Senior Insight Manager

Researchbods Robert Webster

Robert Webster

Programme Manager

Researchbods Sarah Askew

Sarah Askew

Innovations Director

researchbods steven bird

Steven Bird

Insight Manager

Researchbods Stuart Corrigan

Stuart Corrigan

Test Engineer

researchbods Susan Hargadon

Susan Hargadon

Head of People

Researchbods Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones

Head of Community Management

Researchbods Som Thaentong

Som Thaentong

Insight Manager

Researchbods Thomas Aylett

Thomas Aylett

Client Manager

researchbods meet the team

Thomas Bates

Client Director - Global Audience

Researchbods Taryn Peart

Taryn Peart

Group Marketing Manager

Researchbods Tabita Razaila

Tabita Razaila

Head of Project Management

Researchbods Telyn Roat

Telyn Roat

Senior Engineer

Researchbods Vicky Fennell

Vicky Fennell

Senior Data Executive

Researchbods vonnie voong

Vonnie Voong

Application Developer

Edmond Nwogu

IT Support Analyst

Precious Dickson

IT Support Analyst

Tim Hitchins

AWS Infrastructure Engineer

Kris Baker

QA Analyst

Jake Harding

Product Marketing Manager

Jack Hemingway

Project Support Administrator

Lauren Fingret

Trainee Project Manager

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