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Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers. If you want to be more memorable and more meaningful, then turn to us! Brand consistency is difficult in a world where technology and trends change rapidly. Dig deeper into how customers truly see you and what they really want and adapt your brand without losing core values.

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Brand positioning

Unlocking the emotional connection between your brand and your audience is tricky. What role does your brand play in their life? What are the perceived benefits? How can you truly understand your relationship with consumers?

  • Uncover implicit brand associations.
  • Image association and metaphor tasks.
  • Guided journeys through emotional and sensory brand connections.

Competitor landscape

Defining yourself in a crowded market is difficult. Discover your unique role through careful deconstruction of the places you operate and the people you serve.

  • Cultural audit – Building rich contextual insight.
  • Market mapping – Uncover perceived competitive brand position.
  • Brand switching trials – We ask consumers to swap their fave brand for a competitor, and use diary tasks to log experiences and impact.

Brand development

We all want to wow audiences but it’s hard to stay relevant and relatable. Our blend of tools and techniques help to clearly uncover the stretch potential for your brand, ensuring you represent the needs and unmet needs of your customers.

  • Distinctive asset evaluation – Test the strength of your assets.
  • Brand architecture assessment – Explore the impact of removing or adding to your product range.
  • Brand tracking – Set and measure KPIs to see if you’re truly meeting audience needs.

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