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Customer understanding

It can be difficult to pinpoint today’s customer. Everything is moving so fast. Trends come and go. New channels keep emerging. Understanding what makes your current and prospective customers tick allows you to tailor brands, products, pricing and communication to specific groups, so you can make best use of limited resources. ex-plor can help:

  • Tap into real thoughts, opinions and decisions 24/7.
  • See what’s driving your customer experience and Net Promoter Score.
  • Analyse customer touchpoints, customer service, NPS etc.

Product innovation

It’s a jungle out there. With new competition and new products popping up, it’s never been harder to get in front of customers. We can help you fine-tune your product range, perfect your pricing and create packaging that will truly catch the eye. If you want your products flying off the shelves then we can help!. Use ex-plor to:

  • Understand the best product mix within your range.
  • Find out how consumers value different product attributes so you can mix and match the best combo.
  • Translate unstructured online data into your new source for ideas. Identify needs, trends and opportunities.

Market understanding

Change is the only constant. Where once brands built infrastructure for longevity, today agility and flexibility are key to survival. Dig deeper into your brand, category and marketplace. Understand what is a passing craze and when your brand needs to pivot. Discover the real relationship that customers have with your brand versus the rest of the marketplace. Use ex-plor to:

  • Carry out usage and attitude studies.
  • Map out your market and better understand your position within.
  • Implicit response testing allows you to discover the undiscovered.

Brand development

Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers. If you want to be more memorable and more meaningful, then turn to us! Brand consistency is difficult in a world where technology and trends change rapidly. Dig deeper into how customers truly see you and what they really want and adapt your brand without losing core values. use ex-plor to:

  • Uncover implicit brand associations.
  • Brand switching trials – We ask consumers to swap their fave brand for a competitor, and use diary tasks to log experiences and impact.
  • Track your brand – Set and measure KPIs to see if you’re truly meeting audience needs.