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It's a jungle out there. With new competition and new products popping up, it's never been harder to get in front of customers. We can help you fine-tune your product range, perfect your pricing and create packaging that will truly catch the eye. If you want your products flying off the shelves then we can help!

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Innovate & create

Anything new is always risky. Quickly learn what works and what doesn’t using continual feedback loops to ensure insight is embedded at every step of the innovation process.

  • Ideation – Use our pop-up insight community or co-creation workshops to generate new ideas.
  • Range optimisation – Understand the best product mix within your range.
  • Max diff – Discover the appeal and importance of different features in your new product or service.
  • – Translate unstructured online data into your new source for ideas. Identify needs, trends and opportunities.

Perfect pricing

Even awesome products can fail if they’re priced incorrectly. We can help you to unearth the perceived values of your target market and help to find that perfect price using tools like:

  • Conjoint analysis – Find out how consumers value different product attributes so you can mix and match the best combo.
  • Van Westendorp – Unpick price preferences to identify a range of acceptable price points.
  • Gabor Granger – Determine demand curves and the ideal price for a new product or service.

Eye-catching packaging

Don’t get lost on the shelf! No matter how busy your market, our toolkit can give you the boost you need to stand out and get in front of customers.

  • Eye tracking – What’s really drawing the audience and how do they feel about it?
  • Highlighter and annotation – Collaborate more easily. Find out what is and isn’t working and why.
  • Augmented Reality – Let customers view designs through their device. How would that new sofa look in their living room?

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