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An insight community platform that has it all.

Designed and built in collaboration with researchers, marketeers analytics professionals, it’s the platform that global brands rely on to anticipate customer needs, predict future behaviour and grow their business.

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Powerful quantitative toolkit

Dig deeper with hundreds of question types at your disposal. From brand affinity, heatmaps, media evaluators, to complex pricing/statistical techniques such as Gabor-Granger and Van Westendorp, we’ve got you covered.

Immersive qualitative modules

Discover what’s driving customer choices with tools such as discussion rooms, forums, diary studies, interactive maps and video focus groups. We make it super easy to pull out trends and themes your customers are talking about.

Reporting and analysis

We make it effortless to interpret, understand and visualise the data you’re collecting. These include live cross tabs (with sign testing and weighting), automated PowerPoint charting and interactive dashboards. Share insight across your organisation with just a few clicks.

Automated reward engine

Show your members they’re valued with real-time incentivisation. Points, badges, status, levels, member of the month, we’ve got it all.

Seamlessly integrate wider data sources

Allow your community to become a data asset and create a holistic view of your customer.

Intuitive admin site

Manage the key metrics of your community’s health and learn about your members past and future behaviours. AI and machine learning gets you those key metrics quick and our team help you to understand what actions to take to keep your community engaged.

The insight edge on your terms. Whether you choose to self-serve with ex-plor platform, leverage our expertise with a consultancy-based approach, or tailor a mix of both, you’ll receive specialist support every step of the way.

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You’re in the driving seat as you  self serve all aspects of your insight programmes in one platform.

The hybrid way

Tap into support from some of the best talent in the insights industry, as and when you need it.

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From conception all the way to delivery, we’ll work in partnership to deliver insight that inspires action.

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