Ex-plor features: Hotspot with annotation

What is it?

This is a tool to uncover specific emotional responses within images. It combines two different elements. A Hotspot tells you which areas in your adverts, brochures, pictures etc are of interest, and the Annotation lets that person add a note, explaining their emotional response.

researchbods hotspot with annotation in surveys

In the ex-plor platform

  • You can upload a wide range of images in all sizes and standard formats.
  • Respondents can click on any part of an image, at this point a pop-up box will be displayed and they can choose an emotional response (either positive, negative or neutral) and they can also add a small comment as to why they chose that reaction.
researchbods hotspot with annotation in surveys

Top tips

Its normally difficult to get a good understanding of your audience’s perceptions of any imagery and breaking down your image into ‘parts’ may be the only way to get detailed feedback. The great thing about this tool is it shows you what the viewer is seeing and the questions/thoughts going through their mind.

One of the major challenges for the modern marketer is balancing information and space whilst grabbing the viewer’s attention. This question type can help to pinpoint specific visuals/text points and their effect on the audience. By comparing the number of “likes” and “dislikes” of a specific image, you can then understand what the most attractive or popular design is within or across different concepts.

Don’t forget

Variety is the spice of life and wherever possible you should try and use a mix of different question types to keep any survey engaging!

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