Being a bod: Omar Alvarez

Omar spills the beans on what it’s like being an Application Developer at Researchbods.

“I joined Researchbods as an Application Developer in March 2021.

The development team consists of 6 devs (1 junior, 2 mid devs, 2 seniors and 1 principal engineer), one tester, a couple of DevOps, the scrum master, one product owner and one business analyst. As a dev team, we follow Agile methodology.

On a typical sprint, which is 2 weeks long, we have a 30 mins daily Scrum meeting, 2 refinement sessions per week, one sprint review and retro at the end of each Sprint. Our daily toolkit consists of Jira (the project management tool), Teams (for internal communication, meetings, and e-mails), Bitbucket for code version control and Pipelines (CI) and other tools for Retros and refinements such as Miro or Planning Poker.

From a development point of view, we follow a git feature workflow with develop branch. After finishing a piece of work, a PR is created and reviewed by the rest of the team before being sent to QA. We have a workflow in place where individual branches can be tested on staging environments. This workflow allows us to collaborate on code without having to worry too much about code conflicts. “

"We have the freedom to choose the times and tools that best suit our needs and our personal way of working. "

I really like the company for the flexibility on offer. This is great because I can organise the work (time and manner) in a way that is both beneficial for me and the business (as long I deliver on time with the expected quality). We have some fixed meetings on certain days but apart from that, we have the freedom to choose the times and tools that best suit our needs and our personal way of working. I also like the ‘no blame’ culture where everyone is willing to give a hand and we’re focused on the goal as a team.  I really think that I am surrounded by clever and hardworking people.

There are different technologies involved in the tech stack of our team. We have Ruby on Rails apps, C# apps, Python apps. Integrations with AWS. We use Docker and the list goes on. This means that there is plenty of room for trying and learning new things.

From a more personal point of view, I was made welcome by the whole company. They sent me a welcome gift even before I started my first day and I also received some gifts on the birth of my son. These sort of things, combined with the rest of the benefits (discounts/vouchers on retailers/restaurants, health cash plan, holiday buying, cycle to work scheme, etc.) make Researchbods a good place to work.


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