Being a bod: Sarah Askew

Sarah lifts the lid on what life is like as our Innovation Director…

“I became a Bod in December 2018 and initially joined as an Insight Director as my background was as a qual researcher leading insight agency teams. I’d always had an interest in new methodologies and the applications of technology so I asked whether there might be an opportunity for me to work in a role which was more sales and development focused; it was perfect timing as the Innovation Director role was just being developed.

My days and weeks can be so diverse. I can go from working on proposals and pitches for new and existing clients, to taking demos from new partners and suppliers, developing creds and cases studies showcasing what we do, training internal teams on new techniques, demo’ing solutions to clients or working with our Marketing & Commercial teams to develop webinars, thought leadership research or conference papers. I also sit on many internal working groups to help drive new offerings, cross functional working and product improvements.

It’s been really rewarding working with clients on collaborative ‘proof of concept’ projects, which turn into real solutions – we’ve done this in the past with techniques like passive metering and eye-tracking, and have a few exciting proof of concept projects coming up this year!

It’s also great to see communities delivering ROI for clients and solutions that started out as ideas on paper having real impact for the clients we work with. I also love seeing us meet the needs of brands who are operating in really challenging circumstances.”

My role is always different and there’s always something new to learn about.

“The nature of innovation is that you always need to have your eye on the next thing, and many of the initiatives you begin to explore won’t work out – so tenacity, positivity and a short memory help! I really enjoy that I get to work with diverse teams and clients across our business; I’m definitely a people person.

The best bit of being a Bod is the culture/atmosphere and working for a brand that I really believe in. Researchbods has always been a place where ideas and new thinking are welcomed from anyone, our leadership team are really inspiring but approachable and people have a ‘can do’ attitude. We’re constantly tackling new challenges but you know your colleagues have your back and trust that if anyone can develop a solution, we can. We’ve grown massively and it’s really exciting being part of such an ambitious but friendly team, and now part of the STRAT7 group. Plus we work with some AMAZING brands.”

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