Being a bod: Antonios Chrysakis

Researchbods has been going for over a decade! How is it changed and grown in that time and what’s it been like working here? We asked Antonios who has been with us almost since the start!

“I have been part of the Researchbods family for almost a decade working on the ex-plor platform and I’ve seen the company grow from a small team to great leader in the online market research industry.

Many things have changed in the process of development, delivery and quality assurance to account for the larger team and the important clients that trust us with their business but what has remained the same is the strong culture and excellent team connections.”

"I am based in Greece, working remotely and I have never felt as an outsider or without a voice."

“There is a very good work-personal life balance and an efficient structure of team meetings and one-to-one sessions to help with self betterment and planning of the work.

As any company we have areas that we are working to become better, in our case is finding the correct balance between shipping new features and supporting the legacy code which I strongly believe it’s something that has greatly improved over the last year with the creation of a very capable development team which continues to expand.

I’m confident that in the years to come and with the advance of our people and technology Researchbods will grow into a great innovator in the global market research field.”

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