How ITV use Insight Communities to influence decisions

It’s never been more important to have an ongoing, two-way dialogue with your audience.

Mat Riches from the Audience Team at ITV shares how their community: ITV Village (run by Researchbods) has become an indispensable tool for audience engagement, and a guiding light for all decision-making across the business.

In this 35 minute session we go behind the scenes to uncover:

  • How the ITV insight community creates greater customer closeness and intimacy.
  • The wide range of short and long-term projects run through the platform.
  • How ITV Village influences key decisions across ITV’s business and categories.
  • What next? How we’re working with ITV to take the community forward.
  • How to maximise the effectiveness of Insight Communities across different sectors.

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This webinar is presented by…

Mat Riches

Brand Research Manager at ITV

Mat works within the Audiences team at ITV, running the brand and campaign trackers, social responsibility research projects, as well as managing supplier relationships and investigating changes in general viewing behaviour. Were it not for a four-year break at various research agencies this would be his 11th year at ITV. Those four years were not wasted though, as there’s always room for a poacher to turn gamekeeper or vice versa.

Frances has 10 years’ experience in brand, advertising and media research. In her time she’s worked on research and insight across blue chip brands with a particular focus on the media space. In her previous role she led an award winning insight team at independent media agency, the7stars. We’re lucky to have her as part of our team, delivering top notch client service across our major insight community clients such as ITV, The Telegraph, NBC Universal and Deliveroo. On top of all that, she’s been an MRG committee member since 2018.

Researchbods Frances Revel

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