How we help with customer closeness

Today’s customers are more powerful than ever. There is so much information at their fingertips in the form of product reviews and price comparisons. Not only that but they have a global choice of brands to buy from. If you want to win their loyalty, you need to understand your customer now more than ever and pivot to their changing needs. Here’s how we can help…


One of the biggest challenges for brands is that a consumer’s buying decision is largely out of your hands. When that person walks into your store or visits your website you have no control over what sort of day they’ve had, what their budget is or their sales maturity. Not to mention the lifetime of values and preferences they bring with them. You may never have control over these complicated factors, but you can understand them. Through active listening brands can understand how macro factors, trends and cultural moments which affect their core audience and leverage these to inform acquisition, retention, and growth.


The data on customers has grown massively. Yet despite knowing more stuff about our customers, our understanding has only grown fuzzier. Many brands may be able to tie together CRM data with email opens, social interactions, website visits etc but this only tells them how customers interact with their own silo and not with your competition or the wider category. We can help illuminate the fog, bring your customer and their journey to life and help you unlock insights that may simply not be obvious.


Everyone wants their research to have long-term, strategic impact on the brand. Activating insight goes far beyond a nice-looking infographic. It’s about delivering information in captivating ways to the whole of your organisation, making sure they understand how to better serve customers and how this will inevitably benefit them. We make accessing, understanding and sharing insight easy

Every brand wants to get closer to their customer and we can help! Arrange a meeting today and find out more about how our tools, technology and team can work for you.

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