Insight Communities: How your department benefits

Insight is the rocket fuel for your brand. With the right insight your whole business can win, serve, and retain customers better. Whilst Insight Communities are often owned by the Research/Insight department, the questions you ask and data you mine can help multiple departments shine. Here’s how: 


Your time is important. You’ve got decisions to make, changes to create.  

Key decision-making should incorporate the voice of your customer and you can  

Get more informed, in less time, by using an Insight Community. Every brand wants to become more agile and seize opportunities. By consulting your customers you can quickly sense-check your course of action and share amongst your team. We’ve designed our solutions for lightning quick turnaround with stakeholder engagement and internal dashboards built in. 



Fine tune your approach. Increase your conversion. Win more business. 

Knowledge is power and by integrating an Insight Community with a CRM, you’ll get a holistic view of the whole customer journey. What’s more by segmenting your target audience within the platform you can have a better idea of the motivations, pain points and messaging that will wow your prospects.  



Right message. Right people. Right time. 

Whether you want to understand how memorable your branding is or how your audience will react to your upcoming advert, you can supercharge your certainty by involving customers. Our platform,                    ex-plor includes a wide range of features including forums, surveys, heatmaps, scales, ratings, shelf tests, video sessions and more. These features allow you to get into the head space of your customers, understand the real issues that affect them and jump on fresh trends and opportunities. 


Research & Development 

Dig deeper into your next big idea. Refine with a real audience. 

Whether its an initial idea or product optimisation, your customers can help you to fine-tune new ideas or innovations. Do early-adopters get excited by a potential upgrade? What will tempt more traditional users to make the switch? One community can house several different segments allowing you to drill down into the impact that your proposals will have. 


Human Resources  

Company culture starts with active listening. 

Whilst we have focused a lot on how Insight Communities can be used to leverage the customer voice, they can also be a great tool to capture the voice of your employees. From feedback programmes to satisfaction tracking or even as a platform for training, an Insight Community can help to develop and retain your key players. 

It’s important to stress to stress that the same Insight Community wouldn’t necessarily be used for everything we’ve talked about here. Insight communities are extremely flexible tools, but they can’t do everything ‘off the shelf’. The objectives of each community will lend themselves to different set-up, design and duration options. 

To find out more about how an Insight Community might benefit your brand or your department, why not download our ebook? 

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