Maximising value from Insight Communities

Better, faster, cheaper insights.

That’s the promise of Insight Communities. a 24/7 direct connection to the thoughts, desires and ideas of customers. In order to achieve this they need to be set up in the right way and require care and attention.

In this free webinar on demand we discuss why and how to build an effective Insight Community, and the steps needed to ensure it continues to deliver broad and deep insights year after year. Drawing on our experience of creating 100+ communities, we cover:
  • What’s an insight community for?
  • Making the business case for a community.
  • Planning and building a community that’s right for your business.
  • Keeping the community alive and kicking.
  • Maximising the return on investment.

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This webinar is presented by…

Sarah Askew

Innovation Director at STRAT7 Researchbods

Sarah has over 17 years’ experience as a hands on researcher and digital research specialist. Her role is to develop our toolkit of solutions inline with technological advances in the industry, including the development of our in-house insight community platform, ex-plor. She works with clients to understand their research challenges, signposting existing tools to suit their needs, and identifying new ways to innovative and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

Researchbods Sarah Askew

Adrian Sanger

Group Business Director at STRAT7

Adrian was an early pioneer of online insight communities. He led the build of an online community of Tesco shoppers, joining research and Clubcard data to form Shopper Thoughts, which is still a vital source of insight and now deployed in multiple markets. Working at the cross-roads of data, insight and analytics, he partners with agencies to accelerate their innovation and solution development in start-up or scale-up stage.

adrian sanger

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