Third Party Cookies to cease

Privacy is a hot issue that won’t be going away! Google will no longer support third party cookies on Chrome browsers by 2022.

What are third party cookies?

Third-party cookies are tracked by websites other than the one you are currently visiting. The most common third-party entities are advertisers, marketers, and social media platforms. As an example, if you were searching for a smart TV on Amazon, you may visit another website later in the day and see an Amazon advertisement for this product.


There has long been concerns about the way brands capture and use this data. Many browsers already block these kinds of cookies and so it’s not surprising to see Google following suit. There has been a bit of scepticism as to why Google are doing this now, with some suggesting it’s not privacy they care about but capturing ad revenue from other platforms to its own.

How will it affect your brand?

It might not be a surprise, but it is a big shakeup in the way a lot of brands will reach customers. No doubt many will have to engage with Google and their ad solution now, but there will also be a greater focus on first party data. This is why we encourage brands to create “walled environments” where they can lead the conversation, get closer to customers and understand them better.

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