Ex-plor features: Video/photo capture

What is it?

What better way to hear your customer’s voice than actually hearing it? Video is a great tool an unpicking real opinions and emotions and can help bridge the gap between your global audience.

researchbods video capture in surveys

In the ex-plor platform

  • You can easily upload videos up to 1GB in size, as well as photos in a variety of common formats.
  • Respondents can also record videos within ex-plor through use of their own webcam.
  • When a respondent clicks record they will be given a 5 second warning before recording starts and then can simply click anywhere to stop.

Top tips

When you’re looking for quality answers then video if a great tool. It’s such a rich source of data and through tone, emotion, see body language and facial expressions you can unlock individual insight in a way that just isn’t possible with survey questions.

Diary tasks are one of the most difficult in which to get regular engagement, but video can make this a whole lot easier. A short video can provide the same info as 30 mins of writing so is a great alternative to answering a large volume of daily questions.

Video can of course be used for a lot more than just talking heads! Think product testing. Think product comparison. As the ex-plor platform works on any device, it also enables ‘in the moment’ feedback from store visits, day trips and more.

Video is also a useful tool when thinking about reporting. There are hundreds of stats that say people engage more with video over other reports and so a showreel is a great way to feedback to stakeholders.


Don’t forget

Variety is the spice of life and wherever possible you should try and use a mix of different question types to keep any survey engaging!


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