4 ways Insight Communities make you more agile

The old world has been ripped up. To survive and thrive in the modern eco-system, brands need to be more agile to consumer demands.

No longer can they afford to build infrastructure in order to achieve stability. No longer can they afford to be composed of fragmented processes and systems which can’t bend to the needs of the customer. So how do these customers fit into the picture? How can you use an Insight Community to become more flexible as a business? 


Streamline the right places

Hard choices have been made throughout the pandemic. In order to survive many businesses have simply had to cut costs. Sometimes though, they haven’t realised the size of the risk in doing so, with less staff in key areas leading to lower services and ultimately losing the customers you need to stay afloat. Leaders often make cuts looking at what generates value from the businesses’ point of view, whilst completing forgetting what’s important to their customer. How can any business hope to serve, retain and grow with their customers without truly understanding their needs?  

Research is a key tool in getting up close and personal with your customers. Yes, that means not cutting areas that your customers rely on, but it also allows you to reorganise function lines with the customer in mind to make smoother and more flexible journeys. Insight Communities give you the inside scoop on what really matters to your customers. Form teams around those needs because when you create value for customers, they’re sure to return the favour. 

Christian Ronaldo removes a Coca-Cola bottle at EURO 2020 and declares “drink water.” Suddenly its all over social media, Coca-Cola’s share price drops overnight, is it time to panic? Is it just a momentary blip?


Understanding Cultural Impact

Market Research often only represent a moment in time. But as we’ve all experienced recently, the unexpected does happen. When lightning strikes it can rapidly change our relationship to customers. Insight Communities give you 24/7 access to the voice of your customer, within minutes (and without any project set-up) you can understand how wider events/news are impacting your customers and how this might relate to your brand. 


Your Offering

Are your sales figures telling fibs? Are your competition drinking your milkshake? Is what you’re offering really best-in-class or are you about to get schooled? Today’s fragmented customer journey makes it more difficult to understand how customers really interact with your brand, let alone how they are treating your competition. Insight Communities come with a wide range of tools for you to assess and refine your offering with both existing and potential customers. This allows you to make tweaks quickly and respond to the ever-changing needs of your customer. 



Bringing departments together

Turning data into actionable insight requires both a marriage between research know-how and business acumen. Communities facilitate the easy dashboarding and distribution of Insight across your organisation. This makes it a lot easier for your business to pivot to new opportunities, cut out problems at the root and find more efficient ways of working together. 

Insight is the fuel that lets you travel faster. It supercharges your certainty around decision making. To find out more about our Insight Community module, why not arrange a demo today? 

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