Bespoke question types

When it comes to online surveys, the more options at your disposal the better! Survey fatigue is real and its an ongoing challenge for any researcher to try and balance out the need for answers with the desire to keep things fresh and interesting.

Our insight platform ex-plor comes jammed packed with over 250 question types covering both quant and qual techniques in order give you the best possible options no matter what you’re trying to find out.

We understand the importance of brand continuity in order to create seamless user experiences. A survey is another extension of your brand and should look, feel and sound like you. With all our survey tools we offer a level of customisation so that you can use your logo, your colours, fonts etc.

Above and beyond this though, our friendly UK based development team can create bespoke and stylised questions to suit your needs. Here’s a few examples.

Holiday planner: A client came to us looking for a dynamic holiday activity planner which would sit within a survey. This complex simulation would allow respondents to plan holiday activities throughout the day and then follow up questions would be provided. We custom built a drag ‘n’ drop question type that was combined with a validation code which verified that the choices made met the guidelines. We then asked respondents to complete the task multiple times which established the different combination of choices which might me made over a multi-day stay at a holiday resort.

Bill calculator: Our client wanted to understand how customers would choose different service levels/business in reaction to seeing how it would increase/decrease their bill over time. Not only were we able to create an interactive dashboard which utilised vertical sliders and displayed bill changes, but we were also able to incorporate annual inflation increases into the displayed price. This helped to determine future investment levels across several areas of the business.

As you can see our team can produce some pretty sophisticated question types within your survey.

It’s our teams technical know-how that really enables clients to get the insight edge, why not get in touch today to see how we can help you?

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