Introducing our new creative division ‘Studio’

The new division will work with all teams across Researchbods to elevate the overall creative offering.

Firstly, by delivering the highest quality insight community environments for respondents in order to improve engagement and participation. Secondly, by producing inspiring and shareable outputs for clients, visualising insights through reports, infographics, dashboards, videos etc, to help bring the customer to life and create maximum impact with key stakeholders.

The division will be led by Creative Director Darren Sloper, who has over 22 years of design experience. Before joining Researchbods in 2008 he worked as Head of Digital Design at IMA-HOME (formerly Intermarketing Agency).

The ‘Studio’ team are responsible for creating a seamless and consistent experience across all brand touchpoints, for community members and for clients. They offer a range of multimedia skills including branding, graphic design, illustration, iconography, videography and animation.

“It’s so important to visualise insights and stories that cut through the noise.”

Darren Sloper, Creative Director at Researchbods comments:

“Great design is something we’re really passionate about at Researchbods. It’s so important to visualise insights and stories that cut through the noise. We work closely with clients to make sure we’re staying true to their brand and creating outputs that they can socialise across their business. The investment in ‘Studio’ allows us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to user experience and creativity.”

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