Gen Z: Engaging the silent majority

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Researchbods set out to truly understand what makes Gen Z tick. What do they think of market research in its current form? How can we do better as an industry to appeal to them? What would motivate them to get more involved in shaping the future of brands?

Check out our 40 minute session where we share key learnings from our extensive research with over 1,000 young people, allowing you to understand more about the diverse segments that exist.

Learn how brands can engage youth audiences to gain insight, build up brand affinity, and begin converting the unengaged to evangelists and champions. You may find some of our findings surprising!

Key takeaways:

• What do Gen Z really think and feel about market research?
• The Gen Z segments that you need to know about.
• Our tips for running insight communities with 16-24 year olds.

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This webinar is presented by…

Sarah Askew

Innovation Director at Researchbods

Sarah has over 18 years’ experience as a hands-on researcher and digital research specialist. Her role is to ensure that the future roadmap for Researchbods’ proprietary insight community platform has clients at its heart, by understanding brands’ needs and feeding them back to the product team. She represents Researchbods’ platform and offering at conferences and webinars, as well as leading on thought pieces and proof of concept innovation projects to develop their toolkit and create new audience insight.

Steven Bird

Associate Director at Researchbods

Steven is a true mixed method researcher. Over the last 10 years he’s worked across a breadth of brands and categories to help clients understand consumer needs, journeys, reactions and attitudes. From using facial coding to understanding unconscious reactions to television adverts, understanding sports consumption journeys with diary tools, or using implicit association testing to identify how food and drink brands are perceived across multiple markets. He loves a challenging brief and using new methodologies and techniques to get to the heart of what our clients need.

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