Playbook: How to engage Gen Z in market research

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This playbook brings together insights on the Gen Z audience, along with tips, tricks and best practices in order to succeed when engaging them in insight communities.

It’s the output of a research project spanning nearly 12 months (more information on the how and who is included on page 5-6), and involving more than 1100 16-24 year olds in the UK.

We wanted to tackle questions head on that we were more frequently discussing with clients. How can we be more successful at engaging Gen Z in market research, and insight communities specifically? What do they think of communities and the types of tasks that are served up? What motivates them to want to get engaged in conversations with brands and what switches them off? How can we make being a community member feel like a more engaging and rewarding experience?

This work wouldn’t have been possible without the input of our clients who gave us access to their members, not least our three key client partners, ITV, dunnhumby and the AA – a huge thank you for your reflections, questions and suggestions, which helped us dig deeper at every stage.

Thank you too, to our Gen Z participants, who were open, witty and uncompromising. Thank you for setting challenges that I hope we in the research sector, including agencies, brands and tech providers, will now take on board to create Gen Z communities which are engaging, interactive and integral to the businesses they support.

How to engage Gen Z in market research:

Building and running a successful insight community for youth audiences.

Be the first to read our full breakdown and report of the findings of our research on Gen Z. Free to download, this report covers specifically the implications of our Gen Z research when it comes to engaging 16-24s for insight communities.

•     Gen Z perceptions and experiences of market research.
•     Motivations and barriers to getting involved.
•     Understanding the Gen Z sub-segments.
•     Best practice designing Gen Z centred research and engagement strategy.

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