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Three key themes emerging from our recent work with the SurveyBods access panel.

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Theme 1: Protecting kids from dangers of tech is priority #1

Over 1 in 5 Consumers worry about future generations due to the negative impacts of technology.

More than half of consumers think that cyber bullying, negative content and time spent online are urgent issues that need addressing right now to avoid these negative impacts getting worse.

87% of 12-15 year olds now have social media profiles (and 18% of 8-11 year olds).

These concerns have become wide-spread, and mainstream; calls for more regulation to ensure online safety for kids as they grow increasingly active in the online social landscape.

“I am really concerned that technology could have a lot of bad impacts on people’s lives later down the road.”

Theme 2: Consumers concerned that tech is ‘destroying humanity’ and make us increasingly isolated

As social media continues to dominate online activity, accounting for almost two hours of an average UK user’s daily life(!) – consumers are increasingly worried about the longer term, existential threat tech poses. Despite 45% feeling more connected due to tech, there are many consumers who are concerned that it is ‘stopping people from having real relationships’.

With 3 in 10 feeling pessimistic about the future due to technology, in an increasingly bleak political  and economic environment, there’s no doubt tech-negativity will grow and brands will need to work ever-harder to engage audiences via online platforms in a meaningful way.

Theme 3: Tech is driving fears over long-term job security.

Over 30% of consumers are pessimistic about the future of technology. In a world where working life has been turned on its head, and economic uncertainty drives grave concern, consumers are seriously worried about the long term future of their jobs as technology takes over, making many roles obsolete.

“I think technology can help to improve our lives, but I feel that we need to be careful that people’s jobs are not made obsolete by technology.”

“Technology will be used to render people’s jobs obsolete without a society able to provide alternative employment and training.”

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