The Future of Wellbeing – Key Take Outs

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In our proprietary research study for 2023, we’re exploring what wellbeing really means to consumers, uncovering new wellbeing trends and behaviours, and running deep dives with client partners to understand how brands can capitalise on these trends.


Fill out the form below to watch the recording from our first webinar in this Wellbeing series, sharing findings from our first large scale quant study with 2,000 UK consumers and highlighting the emerging trends and behaviours that are set to play out in 2023.

Key takeaways:

• Understand what consumers top priorities are and what’s getting in the way when it comes to better wellbeing• Dig into the three key themes that are most important to improving wellbeing• Find out more about what’s next in this exciting study – and contribute to the key questions we’ll ask

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