Consumer Duty: Leveraging Online Insight Communities for Exceptional Consumer Outcomes


With the FCA’s new Consumer Duty coming into force in July, financial services brands are under huge pressure to ensure, and evidence, that they are providing good outcomes for customers. As such, they will need to re-design and rigorously test their products and services, and customer service, to confirm they meet the needs of their clients.


Insight will be pivotal in this process, helping to demonstrate that products DO meet customer needs and that key information is understood and actionable.

Given the scale of the task, how can this insight be gathered quickly and cost-effectively, whilst ensuring the quality and reliability of the data, to evidence positive outcomes?

Join our webinar on Tuesday, 27th June at 10am BST as we discuss why insight communities are the perfect solution for supporting financial services brands as they deliver on the Consumer Duty from July onward.

We will talk about the tools and methods that can be applied to evidence outcomes around the 4 duties, with use cases to bring these examples to life.

Participants will walk away with:

  • Understanding of insight communities and how they can be used to evidence positive outcomes around Consumer Duty
  • Inspiration on methods, tools and approaches to conducting research around the 4 duties